Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time for something completely different!

For the first time I felt like making some other pictures during the Tulip Festival in Orange City.

Book signing in Orange City

I sat pretty for three whole days at the Holland House Interiors on the main street of Orange City and signed my book. I signed a lot of books and improved my signature significantly ( which means I can sign faster and it is even less readable than before ). I met a lot of people I didn't see a long time. It was strange being in Orange City and not working on my project. Kind of bitter sweet. Saw a lot of faces I would have invite in my studio, if I would have met them a year ago. But I was happy to show my book and people were very kind to me.

Yes, I did borrow the signs from Dordt College:)

Very cute all three, the two dogs were wearing little Dutch costumes!

Exhibition at Dordt Campus Center Art Gallery